inside of luxury homeIt’s time-honored advice, but often ignored. If you’re selling a home, you should show it in its best light and that means that it should be clean and uncluttered. Sure you need all those things in your house and you like that lived-in look. It looks so warm and comfy… to you. To a potential buyer, clutter distracts from the clean lines of your home and makes it hard for someone besides you and your family to imagine living there.

As Jamie Wiebe wrote for

“Nothing says “this home ain’t worth much” like tons of disjointed knickknacks, piles of books, and other miscellaneous items that should be tossed or stored.” Read more >>

There are some things you might want to toss, but you sure don’t want to get rid of things you will need later. But who has the extra room? Almost no one. That’s where we come in. We can help you with self storage! River Road Mini Storage is an established self storage facility under new ownership and new management. We’ve completely remodeled and updated. Like you, we want to make a great impression. Come see us!

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