note pinned to cork bulletin board that says to declutter your lifeInstead of the same old New Year’s resolutions, think about simplifying your life and decluttering.  From computer file organization to closet organizing, there are lots of ways to clear your home and your life of needless clutter. For some items, think about the convenience of self-storage from River Road Storage. We have units in all sizes.

If you’re selling your home in 2017, remember that after location, presentation is most important. But it’s hard to be objective about our own homes because we are emotionally attached to them. What we might think is cozy and  charming, a potential buyer might see as cluttered. Most real estate agents will advise you to make your house look bigger and more airy by removing excessive items. You could have a garage sale but you may regret that later, especially if you buy a new home that’s larger than your current home. Improve the look of your home to buyers who may be looking for more room by clearing and storing some of  your furniture and other personal belongings.

Self-storage at River Road Storage is an economical way to put some of those items away and enhance the value of your home. Stop in and see us at 2531 River Rd in Piedmont near Greenville, South Carolina, or call us at 864-295-2428