River-Road-Storage-office-and-side-gate-exteriorStoring your personal belongings seems simple enough. At first, you might think that all you need to do is find a place that’s cheap and close to where you’ll be staying and that’s it. Location and price are important considerations, but there is a bit more to it than that. Some self-storage businesses are in nice safe locations and others are pretty scary. Besides that, keep in mind too that the physical condition of the storage business is something to think about. Is the storage facility well-maintained? Inspect your unit before moving in. You’re depending on the integrity of the building to protect your precious goods. The building needs to be well-maintained with no leaks.

How often will you need access to your stored goods? If you visit the storage units when the sun is shining, imagine what it will be like in bad weather. Is the area leading up to the storage units paved? Does it look like it will drain well? It’s pretty frustrating to realize after you’ve rented a unit that you will be driving in mud or walking through standing water to get access to your unit.

River Road Self Storage is a well-established self-storage business in the area and it’s been recently updated and is well maintained. We’re in Piedmont serving Powdersville, Easley and Greenville South Carolina. Call us at (864) 295-2428, or better yet stop by and see us. We’re at 2531 River Rd Piedmont, South Carolina 29673 You’ll like the look and feel of our storage facility and you’ll love our service.