Filing CabinetBusinesses, especially startups, need to be flexible. It’s difficult if not impossible to predict revenues six months into the future let alone two years. For that reason, more and more businesses start out as home-based businesses. Once the business is on firm financial footing and there is a need to take on more employees, the business owner realizes it makes sense to rent office space. Even then, the trend is toward short-term office leases to remain flexible.

When your office space is temporary or just doesn’t have enough storage space, it’s a good idea to keep your business supplies elsewhere. Why lease more space than you need to get your work done when office space rents for premium prices? Instead, business owners are turning to self-storage units. Most people only think of renting a storage unit when moving or settling into an apartment after living in a house. But commercial use of self-storage units is a growing trend. They’re a great, inexpensive alternative to storing business supplies in your attic or garage.

With a clean, well lit and secure self-storage unit, or units, you can save significant money. Just make sure your storage units are secure and climate-controlled. Also, look for a place that doesn’t force you into a long-term rental agreement. Business conditions change quickly so month-to-month rentals are best.

Here are some things you could keep in a storage unit: office supplies, especially reams of paper which take up a lot of space, business records, and promotional items. With extra storage space, you may be able to take advantage of discounts and avoid disruptions due to shortages of some supplies.

And it’s not just office supplies, contractors can save money by using self-storage to keep tools, materials, and supplies in a convenient location for a lot less money than long-term commercial rental space.

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