Your Own Padlock

One of the great things about self-storage is that even though you are renting, no one but you can access your storage space. The on-site security protects the common premises but you alone are permitted to access your belongings so long as you stay current on your rent.

So you provide your own lock, but what kind? There are options. The variety of padlocks is huge and you don’t need to become a lock expert to make a decision but there are a few basics you might want to consider. Conventional style padlocks such as you might already have for things such as locking a toolbox are not very secure and not recommended for a self-storage unit so you should plan on buying a secure padlock for this purpose.

Combination Lock

You might think that a combination lock is a good option since it’s convenient. No need to carry a key. But the price of convenience is security. A combination padlock is simply not as secure as a well-designed, key-access lock. Not only can combinations be guessed but the construction of a combination padlock is by its very nature less secure. If you opt for a combination lock, make sure your insurance policy will cover you in case of loss. Some won’t.

Long-shank padlock

You might have an old padlock laying around and plan to use it. But consider whether it would be easy for someone with bolt cutters to break it. Many padlocks, especially older ones have long shanks that are easily cut.

Disc Lock

The industry standard for self storage is the disc lock. A well-made disc lock of the right size is a good defense.  You can buy a padlock at your hardware store but for convenience, they are sold at River Road Storage. We’ve got the right size for our self storage units.  Stop by and see us at 2531 River Rd, Piedmont, South Carolina.